Florin Chelar / Flickr

Florin Chelar / Flickr

We are Upstaters. We hike, we kayak, we play outside. We go snowshoeing in blizzards and have brunch on top of mountains. The number 46 means a lot to us. Sleeping outside and drinking around a fire is our idea of a good weekend. We have some great stories.

We're always looking for the next big adventure. Want in?

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Upstate Club was founded by Cristin Steding, a writer based in (where else) Upstate New York. As a kid she thought Upstate was stupid and planned to move to New York City, but then a funny thing happened and she ended up falling in love with the mountains and staying. Upstate Club began as an Instagram account celebrating outdoor life in NY state and has grown to include a monthly newsletter: the Upstate Dispatch.