What do you do if no one's reading what you're writing?

How do you go from the person with no one following you to the one who's in demand and makes it all look easy?


You want to become a powerhouse.

The expert that's always fully booked.

The first thought in someone's mind when they think of your field.

And the kind of entrepreneur who does things like backpack around South America while running a six-figure company like it's no big deal.

You've got to speak your clients' language.

And you have to hit them over the head with your message.

If your content is all vague wording and jargon, if it doesn't make them feel deep down inside, "YES! This person gets me!" they're never going to stick around long enough to click buy.


So how do you do that? Where do you go from here if you've got content that's not resonating with anyone?

(And really, how do you even know if you've got content that's resonating with anyone in the first place?)


That's what I'm here for.

1. Find out if you've got blah content that no one's reading.

2. Your new mantra for business writing: brief is better and clear beats clever.