In Upstate New York, it can feel like you're constantly living in the shadow of NYC. After all, they're the "greatest city on earth" and when we meet people on vacation we have to explain that Upstate exists. It's easy to get an inferiority complex. 

(And we all know Jay-Z wasn't rapping about Utica in Empire State of Mind). 

But the best kept secret in New York? Upstate is better than Downstate. 

Yeah, we said it.

We have the largest state park in the country. Over 7,000 lakes. We've got cliff jumping and rock climbing and skiing and backpacking. Dozens of outdoor concert venues. Waterfalls. Gorges. River rafting. You like camping? We've got camping: great camps. Back-country camping. Glamping. 

There's a lot to explore.

And that's how we can help. 

We're Upstate Club. Your guide to outdoor adventure in Upstate New York.

We're a group of New Yorkers who know that Upstate > Downstate, and we can prove it. We can't wait to share trip ideas, tips, weird facts, cool places, guides, stories, things to see and stuff to try all in Upstate New York. 

The only thing we won't ever agree on? Where Upstate begins. But that's a discussion for another time.

Want in?

The monthly dispatch is like our secret club meeting. It's where you can find all the exclusive original content and learn about the best stuff to do and the coolest people in Upstate. There's a ton of exciting stuff in the future of Upstate Club, and this is your chance to hear about it first.

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The best part? It's totally f-r-e-e.

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