Write For Us!

We're on the hunt for badass, adventurous women to contribute to Love, Narcissa. First person stories from women who live outside the lines are our favorite. If you've ever done anything unique, unusual or out of the ordinary, we'd love to hear from you.

Love, Narcissa is a feminist, positive environment where young women can be inspired and encouraged by each other. It's a place for young, fresh voices to be heard and who feel like they're stalling can learn how to take action toward their goals. Think you've got something good? Send it over to hello@lovenarcissa.com. Can't wait to hear from you.


What are we looking for?

Live Your Adventure -- First person stories of amazing, wild, interesting or scary adventures. Bonus points if you've got a story about living in a van, long term hiking, touring with a band, solo travel, living off the grid or doing extreme sports.

My Badass Job -- Profiles of offbeat or awesome careers. Tell us what a day in your life is like and how you got where you are. We'd especially love to hear from young CEOs, women in STEM fields, people who are self-employed or skipped college.

What It's Really Like -- Essays on the nitty-gritty reality of doing tough, often idealized or misunderstood things. Tell us what it's really like to be an actor, sell all your possessions, be polyamorous, travel for a year, work in the sex industry, teach English abroad or anything else you think is misunderstood by the masses. 


Do I have to have been published before to write for Love, Narcissa?

Nope. We love fresh, new voices and writers who are just starting out!


Are you looking for ongoing contributors?

Yes! If you have an idea for an ongoing column, we'd love to hear it.